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As of today I have decided to share some of the best posts I've ever read in my 
Yeap, bloggers' literature at its finest!

I'd like to kick off by travelling to India courtesy of home schooling mum, Lemonade Making Mama , who takes life's lemons and uses them to make lemonade. Sometimes she's a bit too Christian and girly for my tastes, but when I read this post I was overwhelmed by both her superb writing and the great photos courtesy of her husband Adrain. Google says she's worth 50 cents a day, but I think this post is priceless...

So until next Sunday...Enjoy! (And who knows, next time it may be YOU, unless in the meantime I get sued for copyright infringements)! Also if you happen to come across a BRILLIANT post that you feel may inspire us all and make us better people, please do let me know!

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Faces of India - By Lemonade Making Mama

I'm giving you an abbreviated tour through the hundreds (yes, I said "hundreds") of photos my man took, on his recent trip to India. We are in the process of publishing them into a hardbound book, so I'm just picking some of my personal favorites to show you. (I'd have Adrain guide you through these, but as you can imagine, after missing two full weeks of work, he's a little bogged down right now. Since that's the case, I'm going to include some random quotes from his emails while he was there.) Adrain traveled to Pune, and Indore, India. He taught a discipleship training class, and preached in an Indian church, as well as volunteered at several orphanages, visited a couple of leper colonies, and encouraged those who are living/working in the red light district. He also played cricket with some children, and got to participate in a baby dedication.

This was a photo taken of the children in one of the homeless camps. I'm going to say this a million times, give or take, but aren't these faces incredibly precious? Adrain wrote, "We went from one orphanage to a boys home for children of lepers. There are about 60 of them, and I got to play cricket for the first time. I'm pretty good. I hit one over their building. I felt bad because I lost that ball, and the other day when playing with the children of prostitutes, I tossed a ball onto a roof top. Both times there were spares, but still...The kids were amazed by the hit. Lots of chatter about the great American cricket player. That might be a slight over exaggeration."
Here are some boys doing what boys do.

This was one of the first photos Adrain took. I love everything about it. This isn't going to make much sense, but I love the quietness of it. Though from the sounds of it, the roads were anything but quiet. Adrain said they called the taxis, "Heaven-mobiles" because every time they got in one, they figured they were on their way to heaven, in a hurry.

This precious little face gets me. I love the angle Adrain shot it from too. Like he was just looking down at one of his own babies. Precious. Did I say that yet? Because I think it's precious. Adrain wrote, "Another amazing day. Yesterday, we were able to tour what is known as the Orissa camp. It's about 3 acres that's being used to build facilities for orphans and families taken from their home in Orissa due to persecution. There are 125 boys and 50 girls. The project is due to be completed in about 2 months. As we were touring the facilities, they told us about their vision to buy two acres behind the property and build a school for the orphans and the surrounding village. The problem was, that the landowner didn't want to sell and was asking too high of a price. I just felt we needed to pray about it right then and there. We did, and today, out of nowhere, the landowner called to make a deal on the property and sold it to the group. God is awesome."

The team visited a camp for deaf children. I don't know the specifics of this photo, but something about the brightly clad figure, all alone in this long hallway feels like I'm somehow intruding on a quiet moment. (Or rather, Adrain was intruding. I'm just observing.) I think Adrain really enjoyed his time there. He has such a special place in his heart for all children, but especially those with disabilities.

Bright colors are everywhere. I love the rooster in the back!

This is an assembly at the school for hearing-impaired children. Notice how the boys are on one side, and the girls are on the other.

These are the brightest blue eyes I have ever seen. I told Adrain these were "National Geographic Blue."


So, thank you so much Sasha, Lemonade Making Mama, for this post and so many others that I have found enriching!


Robin said...

Awesome concept. I like having something to look forward to every week. I like having something for my followers to look forward to every week. And I like having one day each week that I know what will be happening on my blog. Every other day is up for grabs, but Thursdays are a given.

That was a very interesting post. I don't think that Lemonade Making Mama will have any objections to you sharing it.

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

Thank you for featuring me. I feel honored that you would think of me for this, and blessed by your kind words. :)


Purple Cow said...

Robin, I think some posts should get a Pulitzer prize regardless of the ephemeral quality of blogging.

LMM - This one has stuck out in my mind as one of my all-time favorites. Thanks for being so nice and letting me use it as a point of reference. I think this post is humbling for all of us. We would do well to remember the children of India.

Anonymous said...

this is amazing post (and the idea of such posts is amazing itself). Reading about places like this makes me realize that - wow, my little problems are not EVERYTHING that life's about, you know?

thanks for sharing this!

Purple Cow said...

It opens a window to the world, doesn't it? And this is just half of one of the two posts on India that LMM included!

Phoenix said...

Such a great idea. I love posts where bloggers try to build other bloggers up instead of tearing them down. We're such an awesome, vulnerable little community and we deserve to be treated as such. A very cool concept - I will definitely check this Lemonade Makin' Mama out! Thanks Purple Cow :)

Janna Qualman said...

Great feature! Great post, too. Thanks for sharing, PC.

Purple Cow said...

I think every blog has its "moment of brilliance" - that one post, nomatter how small where the blogger outdoes him/herself.