Thursday, September 30, 2010


A while ago Robin of Your Daily Dose tagged me in a question chain game. Basically the rules are this, she asks eight people eight questions who in turn ask another eight people eight questions and so the chain goes on.

Sorry Robin for taking so long to respond - I guess life got in the way. But I woke up today feeling like I had all the answers and thought to take Java's Follow Friday opportunity and get down to it...

We all dance with the seven sins from time to time. Which of the seven sins do you dance with most frequently, and why? They are wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy and gluttony.
Wish it were lust, but unfortunately my sin is PRIDE! Both a virtue and a sin. Makes me want to do things better and rely purely on myself, but sometimes "better" is the enemy of "good"...

If you could live for a week in the body of someone famous, who would it be? You would still be you, but you could access their need to know info as you needed to know it. Of course, the kicker is that they would live in your body and have the same priveleges.
No way will I let a famous stranger access my body and have unconditional freedom over my kids for a week! Nope, not even Jesus Christ!

Do you believe that angels walk among us? That there are true psychics, mediums or anyone who is more connected to God than the average person?
I believe that angels are within us. Demons too. Its up to us how much we access these internal angels and demons. As for psychics, allow me to be skeptical of their underlying motives. What's in it for them? I guess, though, we all have an ability to develop our extra sensory perceptions.

Have you ever dreamt about a future event that happened, a past event that happened when you were but a very young child, or anything that was just so real, but otherworldly, that you felt its truth in your soul? If so, I'm listening. 
When I was a kid I would feel myself floating from my body and see myself lying in my bed. It was liberating but after a while I'd get scared and return. My mother said these were just dreams (I was a child with a vivid imagination), but later I learnt about astral travel and sometimes wonder if this indeed was what I was doing. I no longer have this floating ability. But I do find myself "communicating" with my dead friends in my dreams. My imagination, perhaps or communication with something beyond?

Do you feel like you have a gift that you aren't using? It could be for anything. Design, writing, art, photography, decoration. The list is endless.
SLEEP! I am the best person for this, and yet, regardless of this gift, I'm sleep deprived.

Is there someone that you are unwilling to forgive? Is it weighing on your heart? Eating you up on the inside? This is a yes or no. If it is yes, I hope you make the choice today to want to forgive and then let it go. Throw out your desire into the universe.
I can't forgive all the assholes that have created huge problems to this world we live in - people like George W. Bush whose greedy policies and deregulation helped cause a global economic meltdown. Let's not forget Tony Blair and all the others involved in the Iraq scandal. Worst still are the people whose names we don't know who choose the junk we watch on TV, sneak in GM products onto our plates, cause economic scandals for their own personal gain! Then there are the paedophiles and people who are cruel to animals...yeap...all those people. I hate 'em with a vengeance. Will never forgive the bloody bastards. NEVER! I hope they rot in hell!

If you were able to take away or add one element into the heart of each and every man, which one would be the one that would make the most difference in making this world a better place to live?
(Jeez, Robin, where did you get these questions from? Deepak Chopra?) OK, I'd take away people's ability to cheat. Not just infidelity in relationships but also fraud, cutting corners and scruples as they climb up the career ladder. Without cheating we'd be a more meritocratic society and people would ultimately get what they deserve. What I would add is empathy...I really wish they taught this at schools along with reading, writing and arithmetic. We'd be much better people if we could put ourselves in other people's shoes.

What is the last movie you saw at the movie theatre? Using the five star system how would you rate it?
It was "Singing in the Rain" at a summer theatre under the stars with my family and we left singing. I would give it a *****. (But then again I'm just an old fuddy duddy nerd...what would I know? Right?)

So, Robin, that's it! I actually had fun as it makes a nice change from me usually doing the asking! So thanks. Now it's my turn to ask a few questions though I don't think the questions I ask really are what matters. I believe a person can ask the most fascinating quesitons and get back boring replies and vice versa...

You again, Robin - yes, I'm not supposed to but how could I not nominate you? (Your dedication has helped keep me interested in blogging, after all!)
Ro Magnolia cause I'm going to stick in an animal question in there somewhere and that would be your forte.
Kyann from Sanity is Overrated because she will poke fun at my questions!
Jeff because a man's perspective would be valued (even a man who writes romance fiction). Plus his photo on my followers list has all these question marks on it so it looks like he's just begging to be asked!
Random Stranger - OK, another guy, but this one has experiences with job interviews and I'm counting on him to shed light on question no. 2.
Phoenix cause being a talented, upcoming actress and all I may keep her answers for prosperity and maybe someday sell them as a scoop to some tabloid...
Farmgirl Paints cause we have a tradition of me nominating her and her not partaking in this type of stuff.
YOU! Yes, YOU, reading this... Consider yourself nominated...

1) Why do you blog? Have the reasons changed as you've been doing it?
2) Why do they ask "What animal are you most like?" at job interviews? And what could they possibly learn about the person being interviewed when they ask this question? (Also feel free to share any other stupid questions you've been asked at job interviews).
3) If you were to arrange a randezvous with your 18-year-old self what would you say to yourself? How much would you have in common? Would you accuse yourself of something?
4) Imagine me? What do I look like? (Skip this one Robin as you've already seen me on FB)
5) Have you ever surprised yourself with your own wickedness?
6) What makes you special and different from this blob called humanity?
7) Do you ever wonder if you are wrong about everything you currently believe and hold to be true? And if it turns out that none of it is as it seems would you wish to be told the TRUTH a minute before you die or die not knowing at all?
8) So how come it's 8 questions? Why not 5, 7 or 10? Why 8? Do you want more or do you wish you'd had less?

Looking forward to your answers...

PS Hello to all Follow Friday blog hoppers! Nice to meet you!
Wishing you a good start to OCTOBER!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


5 years ago, my eldest daughter's 1st grade teacher told us to give kids autonomy by not intervening in their homework. Last night, my youngest daughter's teacher told us to practice vigilance, instruct them to correct mistakes and she even announced that there would be parent-child school assignments. (groan!)

5 years ago the pupils changed seats every week so they could get to know their classmates. Last night we were told that they would stay in the same seat so as to feel more secure in their class environment.

5 years ago the teacher had rigid rules when it came to shaping letters. Last night I was told not to worry that my daughter does her "o's" in a clockwise direction and her "l's" upwards rather than top to bottom.

5 years ago I didn't realise there was such a thing as school violence until 4th grade, not because it didn't exist in the school, but because such issues were treated with the utmost confidentiality (ie, swept under the carpet). Last night we were told that in the first week of school two first-graders had already started harrassing other children and we were advised to have chats with our kids about the importance of speaking up and bullying.

5 years ago I wore a tailored suit to the parent-teacher meeting. Last night it was jeans and I still felt over-dressed!

Yes, times have changed. But beyond that, my daughters are going to two different primary schools with different approaches. One is rigid, snooty, expensive and filled with prominent members of society. The other is arty, biomatic, free, difficult to get into and affiliated with the university. One is opera, the other is rock...

So different, and yet both are considered the "best" the Greek elementary education system has to offer. I guess at the end of the day what counts isn't the system but the exquisiteness and unswerving dedication of those who serve it.

And at the end of the day - there is one common denominator regardless of the school...parents' stupidity (my own included). 5 years ago and last night, as the teacher went on and on and on, explaining what should be evident to us, but apparently is not, my mind drifted...and before I knew it I had filled a blank page infront of me with doodles... (Let's not forget I'm a parent school dropout. CLICK HERE FOR MY EXPLOITS)