Friday, June 18, 2010


I felt a great deal of outrage during the Israeli block to humanitarian aid sent to the Gaza strip and attack of the flotillas. I wondered how a race of people that had suffered such cruelty during WW2 could be so callous and intransigent. And one dangerous thought brought on another and I began to wonder whether history is really as we know it.

After all, had the Nazi regime won the war wouldn't we have a whole different truth to contend with? Wouldn't we all now be speaking German? There wouldn't even be a Middle-Eastern problem as there would be no Israel! The "bad" guys/"good" guys would be different players to the ones we have now. And we'd be fed a different take on history - equally as false as the one we have now.

I also began to wonder why the Holocaust is a trademark Jewish symbol when Jews weren't even the main victims of the Nazi regime as far as death figures are concerned.

Did you know that near 7 million Ukrainians were killed by the Nazi regime as well as 3.3 million Russian POWs and another 2 million Russian civillians (5.3 million altogether), 3 million Poles, 1.5 million Yugoslavs, 200,000-500,000 Gypsies, 250,000 mentally disabled, tens of thousands of Homosexuals, as well as members of the clergy, communists, Czechs, deportees, Greeks, Serbs, socialists and others...

The Jewish 6 million figure casualty is just a portion of the TOTAL casualties and yet the Holocaust is remembered as a crime against Jews/humanity, overshadowing the forgotten millions of non-Jews (in other words, the majority of victims).


The photograph above features the other side of History. The one that did not come into play when the Nazi regime crumbled. The children featured are the Lebensborn (meaning Foundain of Life) children being bred to further the Aryan race and become the next generation of the Nazi elite. To be accepted into the Lebensborn programmes, women who were blonde-haired, blue-eyed and had characteristics required to breed Aryan children met with high SS officials. Following the war, the programme was abandoned, the children were placed in orphanages and the hate of the war was taken out on these young innocents who were to have been the elite had the results been different. Strange how history has two sides and so many different angles. Isn't it?


Bringing Pretty Back said...

that was a deep post today! Sadly I didn't know that info... awful , just awful.

Sandy, Sisters of Season said...

This was enlightening and so so sad . . nobody wins in war.

The Man Your Husband Is Worried About said...

I believe your nationality totals include Jews from those nations, thus deflating the Jewish victim percentage. But even so, the Holocaust is remembered as a crime against Jews because nearly no other victim group was a genocide target; Hitler wanted to control Ukrainians, not kill them all. Jews were specifically targeted, with devastating efficiency.

It's not a full-fledged Internet site until the merits of the Holocaust are debated thereon. Congrats on losing your blog's virginity. ;)

Purple Cow said...

I got my figures from non-Jewish university studies such as this -

That said, I don't trust ANY figures whether these are inflated Jewish or deflated non-Jewish. It appears as though there was an attempted genocide, but eye-witness accounts are too emotionally charged to be reliable and German policy at the time does not make mention of genocide so we should view things from a clean slate and ask WHY Hitler targetted the Jews and managed to turn the tide so easily against them?

I think we should really doubt ALL of history, EVERYTHING we know. We should consider the validity of all the takes (and what people gain by promoting the Holocaust as a marketable commodity, especially in films and books).

Do you ever wonder Random Stranger if everything we read, are told, know is just a fallacy? For instance, to leave the topic of Jews, did you know that Medea, the murderess of her children in actual fact did not kill her children but that Euripides was commissioned by the Corinthians to write about her in this way when they were feuding with the King of Colchis... and so history remembers her thus...

Frances said...

Purple...(I hope that you don't mind me affectionately shortening your name) have written a brave and controversial post.

I'm a little at a loss at the comment from "The Man your husband is afraid of", that you are not a fully fledged internet site until "the merits of the Holocaust need are debated theron" (sic).

I don't for a moment think that you are, or would, or would want to talk about "the merits" of something as disgusting as the holocaust.
What you are saying is quite different, but I think that you might expect other snide attacks like this, or worse.

Ro Magnolia said...

You are very right that there are so many sides to history ... and so many sides to the present too.

There is no question that Israelis have allowed humanitarian aid into the Gaza strip in the past. And it was only one boat in the flotilla that was at issue ... the one boat that refused to be boarded for inspection. It wasn't a "surprise" that they were going to be expected to permit inspectors on board ... that has been happening since the blockade began and for the most part it has been unchallenged. This was clearly an attempt to challenge the blockade by a group who were quite prepared to deal with the risk of Israeli soldiers boarding their boat. No doubt you have seen the video footage of how brutally they were attacked when they did board.

I don't think the blockade is justified in the first place as it is having a terrible punitive effect economically ... but on the other hand, I also don't think this was a naive group of humanitarians who were blithely on their way to bring humanitarian aid and had no other political motive in doing what they did.

As you pointed out ... many sides to every issue.

Ro Magnolia said...

P.S. I didn't think "The Man Your Husband Is Worried About" was trying to be snide. I think he was just pointing out that inevitably, all internet sites end up coming around to a discussion of the Holocaust. It seems to be a topic that has controversy written all over it, no matter how many years go by.

And that was a very interesting point about Medea! Certainly changes the story around, doesn't it?!

Purple Cow said...

I think the man my husband is afraid of was making black humour. But I'm glad he got you hot and bothered...being pushed out of our comfortable zones is not necessarily a bad thing. I'm so glad you got me though, Frances. Thanks so much for considering this issue with me.

Frances said...

Whoops. Over reaction plus lack of a sense of humour.
My apologies to all, particularly The Man....