Thursday, June 3, 2010


Do you remember those exquisite almost daily January-April posts I used to write? Now, blogging is slowly lagging behind. Indeed, it is the last thing on my mind as the sun beckons. If I didn’t feel a thrill at having 21 followers (some of who regularly leave insightful comments) this activity that I started purely for my own enjoyment would have long since fizzled.

Indeed, even as I write, salty and smelly sweat is dripping down my forehead while I languidly consider taking the kids for an afternoon at the beach (homework be damned!) Thankfully, they haven’t put a tax on enjoying the sun, sand and sea yet despite the dismal economic crisis. They can steal our money, but we’ll continue to swim and smile!

This morning I considered writing about social security, today’s journalists and public transport strike, our corrupt Greek politicians and all those embroiled in bribe scandals. I considered writing about Israel and Gaza activists who were attacked in humanitarian efforts (How such a nation of people who so brutally suffered during WW2 managed to act so callously that the entire word has turned against them continues to confound me?!?!)…All these are very important things to contemplate. And indeed we should!

But lucky for you guys, today I will leave you in your comfort and not spoil your mood for as I sit staring at my NEW POST, I don't feel motivated enough to stir everyone’s mental juices or prompt controversy by sharing my outrage with the blog world at large. This does not mean that I am not furious! But I have decided to shift fury to the back of my mind and just submit myself to the lazy, languid weather. Yeap, my intention is to totally surrender to it lest I find some inner peace! (Or as they say in yoga "Ommm!")

Studies find that sunny weather puts us in a cheery mood.

You may recall that in the past I have wondered if Germans would be just as organized if they lived in a sunny land like Greece. Would they resort to drinking iced frappucinos rather than soldier forth like robotic huns? There are studies that prove that wet, dreary days sharpen our memories and enhance our productivity whereas bright, sunny spells make us more forgetful.

I guess we feel less grumpy when we forget, more inclined to let things slide. But if you are somewhere chilly right now, all tucked up in your winter woolies rather than slouching around in a singlet top and thongs like me, don’t be jealous. You should know that feeling grumpy is actually good for you! Indeed, studies find that it helps your decision-making and makes you less gullible.

So if you wanna lie to me, do it now that the weather is HOT, HOT, HOT!!! (I can’t promise that I’ll believe you but I will do my best to oblige).

CLICK HERE as you ponder on whether we should blame it on the SUNSHINE!

My, my, the sunny weather is making me feel a little risky so rather than seek stock photos I have decided to include MY feet...The beach is Rhodes' Kallithea. Hope someday you get to visit it, too.


Bringing Pretty Back said...

You write wonderfully! So much more insightful than me!
( :
Thank you so very much for your comment on my blog! I love yours!
I'm your newest follower!
Have a pretty day!


Ro Magnolia said...

Wow! I read through your blog, thought of all kinds of witty and deep comments, and then saw that picture and promptly forgot them all. Looks like a little piece of heaven. Forget about politics and world problems, never mind the ultra efficient Germans ... just lie in the sun and enjoy the summer. Opa!

(but do keep checking in on your blog once and while or we're going to miss you!)

Ro Magnolia said...

I gave you a blog award today! You can read about it here:

Robin said...

Well, you picked up one more follower since you posted this! You are now at 22! So, you must soldier on!!!!! And I tagged you again on HERE'S TO YOU THURSDAY, so life at your computer beckons. Blame it on the boogie, eh? That is one way to go. I say enjoy your sun, sand, and water... but always come back to us, because we'd miss you tons if you left us adrift in this blogland. Who would stir the pot and make us think about things like the economy in Greece? And do purple cows produce purple milk?

Carolina Valdez Miller said...

I was very grumpy today because our refrigerator broke and our ice cream melted and then we had horrible weather--cold, slashing rain. But, I am hoping for a more lively day tomorrow!

P.S. You are officially the first Greek Australian purple cow I've ever met. Pleasure to know you ;)

And my word verification word is "prizers." Just thought you'd like to know.

Purple Cow said...

It really is my much lurve, an award a "here's to me Thursday" and two new followers.

Hello Bringing Pretty does one manage to get hundreds of followers in just one month????

Ro, did you like our "Opa!" song on Eurovision? Thanks for the award...will check it out. You are officially the first person giving me an award that is not Robin.

Robin, will check it out. As for "purple milk", do you know that, according to the urban dictionary, it is a term to describe a large all male sex orgy...esriously? Click here if you don't believe me...

...I only recently found this out myself. Trust me, I'm as shocked as you are!

Carolina, thanks for reading. Grumpiness makes you lucid, so enjoy it while it lasts.

Thanks for all your comments!

Robin said...

I was kidding about the purple milk. Who knew! Well, I am trying to decide whether or not to tag you on another award. It all feels a bit overwhelming right now. I will do it, but it is up to you what you do about it. How's that for knocking the ball into your court??? You didn't comment on your video. I suppose that means I need to be checking my email. Uh oh.