Sunday, June 6, 2010


Thanks to Robin at Your Daily Dose, I feel somewhat of a veteran when it comes to receiving blog awards. Recently, however, I was awarded a nomination by someone who is not Robin. So that was a surprise (not that the ones I get from Robin don't surprise me either!)

This award is a special honour because it comes from Ro Magnolia at Soft Winds and Roses, a woman of substance, a woman who read the Complete Works of Shakespeare when she was in grade 3! All I can say is “Thank you” for the honour. According to the specifications of the award, I need to list 10 things I love. There are many more than 10, but here are the first that pop to mind.

1. My daughters. I will refrain from saying anything more because it would just sound like a cliché.

2. Life itself. The fact that we exist is a miracle!

3. My parents. Our relationship has always been strained because I love them so much.

4. My Saturday morning friends. Our weekly coffees every Saturday morning for the last two years have meant so much to me even though when they first began they had to drag me.

5. The beach. Looking at the waves, sifting my finger through the sand…paradise!

6. My suffering. Feeling hurt brings me closer to becoming a stronger, wiser person.

7. A clean house. When it is uncluttered. I feel happy.

8. Books. Yes! Losing myself in the beauty of words, thoughts, brilliance and borrowing from this.

9. My husband. I should put him here somewhere. I know that it doesn’t feel like love but were I to lose him it would hurt. Only then, would I realise how much I love him.

10. Vivi and Alexandra. Not a day goes by without me thinking of them and missing them.

11. Animals. I feed the strays and argue with those who do not give a damn. As you've probably realised I'm going to just go on. Can't stop myself now that I've started.

12. My two countries...they are so different, they tear me apart but I love them both - Australia and Greece!

13. The arts. Going to the theatre, concerts, galleries...

14. Thinking.

15. Jazz.

16. Dancing the sensuous tango.

17. The smell of something new whether this be a book, a freshly painted house or baby's skin.

18. Spontaneity. Finding myself in Corinth eating souvlaki when I'm supposed to be somewhere else.

19. Will you think ill of me if I say - Shoes?

20. YOU! Blogging. Sharing my thoughts. Entering other people’s lives. Commenting and being commented on. So thank you.

Now I'm supposed to nominate 10 others for this award:

1. ROBIN – Yeap, I know that you’ve probably already received it but I cannot NOT give you this award – the first one given to me by someone other than you. I once dedicated a blog post to you and I see constant references of you in other people’s blogs. If there was a PhD in caring then you would definitely have it. Thank you for being in our lives. Don’t stop.

2. SANDY – For being real, unassuming, sensitive. I love your big heart and red dress.

3. SHARON - Your mercurial musings enrich me. I respect you.

4. FARMGIRL PAINTS – Cause you inspire. Your way of looking at life cracks me up, you have a beautiful family and an infectious sense of faith.

5. PROPOQUERY Welcome back! We missed you. Take care of yourself. Keep blogging.

6. MUGWHUMP - Where are you?

7. RANDOM STRANGER – I loved your “vlog” response to the previous award I gave you. I hope you get another piece of pecan pie!

8. GEORGE – Because you make me feel 10 feet tall when you comments. So much flattery! I don’t believe a word of it, but please continue…

9. ARCHIVE FIRE - Because you fuel my thoughts. I think the other award that you are clearly not receiving points for is rigged. You are the most scientific blogger in my book or blog, whatever!

10. YOU - Just for being YOU and having got this far down on this blog post.

Come on everyone, join the fun, spread the love...


Sharon said...

Thank you for the award. I love your blog because it is so completely honest and unapologetic for being real. Your honesty is cathartic for me (and I suspect for others as well). I'm glad that we've connected.

Robin said...

I loved your list. I can't remember how many items made it, but it was wonderful. I struggled to pop out ten things for the Sugar Doll award. You really should have saved some up because you still have that one waiting on you. Ah well, I am sure you have at least 10 more things dying to jump out. Thank you for all of the kind things you said about moi. I do have that award on the backburner (because pulling 10 things is like pulling teeth) so now when I whip it out, it will be from you and Java. That just makes it sweeter. (I only have to do it once;-) LOL. Anyway, thanks again for the uber-kind words. Love you too. Don't ever stop being you either!!!

Robin said...

Here is the link for you video if you can't get it to work by clicking on it....!

Let me know if that doesn't work.

LJ said...

Thank you PC for you "where are you?" nomination. I've never, in my 6 plus years of blogging, been nominated for any kind of award. This is very special.
Yes, its true I have been absent. Thank you for noticing. Truthfully, I'm feeling very uninspired to right. I'm still checking in on you all, but feel I have nothing to share. Take heart, I will return soon.

Farmgirl Paints said...

Hi there! Thanks for the award. I usually don't spread the love...shame on me. Isn't that awful to get an award and to shun the rules. I just thought people had to be sick of my lists. Thank you so much though and for the kind words. So glad I crack you up;)

By the way to get the effect on your pictures like mine, go into Picnik and then effects. It's called cross process. If you don't know about Picnik it's just a free photo editing site. Super easy to use.

Propoquerian said...

As you know I've been gone for a while, and so time makes it easier to see changes sometimes. Purple Cow, I feel like there is a new-found energy in you. An overflowing warmth :) Not that you haven't always shown warmth in your blogs, but it has been wrapped up in quips and safely distant stories (always funny though, to say the least) but something new seems to be happening with you! It suits you :)thanks for the award!

Sandy, Sisters of Season said...

Congrats on receiving a blog award . . so well deserved. From one big heart to another . . you touched my spirit . . thanks kiddo for the blog award! I can easily think of 10 things that I love, you know it's got to include those kids of mine, there my lifeline . . will be posting soon . . hugs and blessings to you Mary! Sandy:O)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your award! Loving all the love in this post. I would love to learn to tango someday.

Purple Cow said...

Sharon - Is there such a thing as "complete honesty"? ;-)I try to say what I believe, but my beliefs keep changing on me!

Robin - Thanks for loving my list. Looking forward to reading yours.

LJ - 6 years! Seems like an awful long time to be doing this...

Farmgirl Paints - Nobody can get sick of your lists. Still waiting to do the perfume on holiday thing.

Prop - Its summer, that's what's happening.

Sandy - I'd be disappointed if it didn't include those kids of yours.

Carolina - Not really something you need to learn. It's already in you. Just let your tango spirit flow.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your award! Loving all the love in this post. I would love to learn to tango someday.