Tuesday, June 8, 2010



1. Thank the person who gave you this award.
Thank you Robin for this award, for every award, but especially for this one because it means that you want to know more about me.

2. Share 10 random things about yourself.
It's quite difficult coming up with 10 random things even though I'm sure there are hundreds of them...Being put on the spot like this makes each random thing suddenly less random and somehow quite important. But I will try:

For as long as I can remember and nomatter where I am I have counted toilet tiles during my number 2s (Is this random enough for you?)
The strangest gift I ever received was a brown paper bag containing lollies and tampons from my grandmother when I was six years old. When I asked her what they were, she said, "Use your imagination!" At school the next day my tampon-twirling mates and I swivelled them around like helicopter propellers. Sister Sylvia confiscated them after quizzing me on where I had found these "toys". Apparently my grandmother had a habit of giving me "gifts" she had snatched from my aunt's cupboard and vice versa...and she was too old to know about sanitary progress. She thought tampons were candy (its a good thing I didn't think to eat them!) 
I don't own a cell phone much to the annoyance of everyone who knows me.
I don't drive.
I hate television.
(These really should count as three but I am clumping them together as they come under the general sphere of Technology. Totally defies logic why I have a blog!)
I don’t really know what I want and this scares me. The feeling of not knowing what I want makes me feel like a fake.
I am glad I have friends but avoid them when I feel I need them too much.
I love Coetzee, Wittgenstein and Perec - the three most intelligent minds of all time.
I think about life, the world and the universe - these are the oddest things.
Sinatra reminds me of my father and is my favorite because of this. I also like Presley, Cave, Waits and Vedder.
I like coffee, chocolate, cigarettes and cake.
People keep confessing things to me, sometimes things I really wish I didn't know. And I don't even encourage it! I wish people told me less. I am sick of being the keeper of explosive information unless it comes from people I call friends...

3. Pass the award along to 10 bloggers who you have recently discovered and who you think are fantastic!
Well, I've only been blogging for three months so I guess you are all pretty recent, right?

1. A random stranger...
If he's random, he's bound to have random thoughts and he seems rather slim so he should be getting fattened up with pecan pies.
2. Archive Fire
Cause I think there is a warm person underneath all the scientific and factual posts.
3. Prop
Cause she'll probably do it!
4. Farmgirl Paints
Cause I bet she won't and I love it when I'm right! :-)
5. Carolina Valdez Miller
Cause she is the most recent...
6. Sharon
Cause I really wanna know...
7. Phoenix
Cause she always seems to have something interesting and unexpected up her sleeve.
8. Margot Potter
Cause she is creative.
9. Bringing Pretty Back
Cause of the sexy legs.
10. George
Cause it's about time he joined the party!
11. Real Not Fantasy
Cause she writes well and has lately had nothing to write about...
Awards always seem to give you a purpose, right?


4. Contact the bloggers you've picked and let them know about the award.
Groan...must I? What if I forget someone...? OK, I'll try but no promises...infact, I probably won't...


Farmgirl Paints said...

Well that was interesting! You hate tv, don't drive and don't have a cell...what??? That's just craziness. What do you do girl;) Eat chocolate and smoke all day! Oh I'm just giving you a hard time. And your right I might pass on this one...but you never know...ha!

Robin said...

All of your random thoughts were far more interesting than mine. BTW, for someone who doesn't like TV, are you still watching LOST online?

Carolina Valdez Miller said...

Aw, thanks for tagging me, dear. I'm flattered!

Congrats on your award! And so cool to read of all your randomness. I will have that image of you twirling tampons over your head in my own mind for the rest of the day, I'm sure.

Sharon said...

Thanks PC. I'm terrible at passing on awards, but i will post 10 random things about me. I assure you, I am profoundly ordinary. Thanks for thinking of me.

Purple Cow said...

Farmgirl - I work, too. Sleep, play with the kids, read books and use public transport a lot.

Robin - Other peoples random thoughts - like other people's toys, husbands, etc - only seem more interesting to us...Personally, I don't think there's that much interesting about counting toilet tiles.

Carolina - And I have an image of yesterday's "vlog"...If we are making each other laugh then we are good for each other...So let's just carry on!

Sharon - Looking forward to all the "randomness" you can come up with.

Purple Cow said...

PS Robin - I stopped at the end of season 1 intending to start Season 2...haven't got round to it though...maybe, perhaps...later...

George said...

I just given you an award on my blog. I hope I dun it rite??

Purple Cow said...

Hmmmmm George...Thanks for the award back to me. Does this mean that now I must come up with another 10 random thoughts?