Saturday, February 13, 2010


Technology is wonderful. It fosters intimacy but keeps a nice safe distance at the same time by greying the lines between who is a stranger and who is a friend. It even alters memories by giving them a reality check. Beautiful, romantic memories of people we lost touch with are revised thanks to the wisdom of hindsight. Suddenly we see them for what they are and were.

The long lost love remembered with nostalgic affection is seen as the sly, fake, pathetic sleazebucket he always was...a routine lover using the same lines (or six-page carbon copied letters) as bait for any stupid woman who would listen (or read). Then there are the old friends we so dearly miss who surprise us as we realise that they have spent the last decades selling out on the dreams and ideals of their youth. We wonder why this happened and come to the conclusion that we had misjudged as we remember all those little tell-tale signs back then that gave away the fact that this person would someday become a great scamster (or as they say in Greece "lamogiο")...Best of all are those other people that we barely said "hi" to in high school but suddenly seem so appealing now that they've outgrown that "teen" attitude...

Is it good to see the truth or should we be left with the sweet misleading memories?

PS Happy Valentine's Day everyone! It's midnight here in it's officially begun. I'm off to celebrate or sleep (whichever comes first)....

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Sandy, Sisters of Season said...

Hope you had a "Happy Valentine's Day". Enjoyed this posting.