Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I got a bit of a buzz a couple of days ago when this blog acquired its first solitary follower. And what a follower! A romance writer and fellow book worm from Kentucky no less! Though why a romance writer would want following my blog beats me…there’s certainly no romantic inspiration to be had here.

Even so, I guess it’s always nice to hear a thought or two and to be considered follow worthy. Not that I wouldn’t continue writing even if my readership was zero. Sometimes there’s safety in the sheer airy nothingness of our thoughts.

So from NONE there is now a follower of ONE! Will things ever be the same again now that zero is no more?

Anyway, kisses to TR from Kentucky! Thanks for poking away at my zero and making me feel like a hero! Thanks to everyone else also who occasionally drops a line - or not...


Taryn Raye said...

Ah...the question is not why a romance writer would want to follow your blog, but why not?

I have to admit- the purple cow kind of caught my attention and the other night it was when I was flipping through a book of nursery rhymes with my kids that I realized why your purple cow struck such a chord with me and made me want to check out your blog- there it was- tiny little 4 lined poem that it is, with a picture of a purple cow above it! A blast from the past right there in my childhood memory banks. ;o) I had to laugh right out loud!

Your blog is very interesting and intellectual- romance or not- and I thoroughly enjoyed reading each post and even found a few brought me tears because your views and feelings are so genuine and sincere.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Robin said...

When I got here the first time, you had one follower. I read and read, left some comments, got booted off the site due to computer malfunction, and now you have two followers, and as soon as I get done with comment, you will have three. It is a beautiful day!