Thursday, November 4, 2010


Dear Fellow Bloggers,

Forget electronic communication, the lost art of letter writing is making a big comeback in Greece. Not just letters that blow your mind, but also letters that blow your fingers. Little bombing devices insidiously placed inside envelopes and couriered to embassies around town, conveniently just days before the local elections (November 7).

The Greek police has intercepted most of this explosive correspondence, claiming a victory of sorts to polish its tarnished image for all the other mishaps, such as the accidental shooting of a teen two Decembers ago that prompted massive riots or the James Bond-styled escape of prisoners using helicopters.

Not that much harm would have come to the recipients: People like French President Nicholas Sarkozy, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and good ol' Silvio Berlusconi (who likes to get his fingers burnt, anyway...more recently he got a bang out of a 17-year-old). And how much harm can an itsy bitsy bomb compact enough to fit in a letter actually do? It's not like anthrax. At best, it may prompt a fire or a burnt finger or two.

Just in case you were wondering, though...My fingers are still intact. It's just that I've been using them to do other stuff...evidently not blogging. (SCRABBLING has been frantic though).

I've also been stalking your blogs. Shamelessly. Yes, I have! (And speaking of letters - What's with the 30-day letter challenge so many bloggers are hooked on? CLICK HERE FOR A RECENT ONE! (Seems to me that we may be on the verge of a global letter-writing epidemic. Remember when people used to put ink to paper way back then?)

Promise to write soon.

Hugs and kisses,



Robin said...

I am happy to say that I made it all the way through the 30 day letter writing challenge. Happy to hear that no one sent YOU a letter bomb. And I know that you enjoy Scrabble, so it would seem that you are spending your free time in a way that suits you. I have spent the last few days abed with a migraine. I am seriously considering heading that way again. It has not been a good couple of days! Uggh.

Colleen said...

This whole bit about writing letters by hand (Not ones that include bombs of course, I must rush to reassure you) is something I quite enjoy ranting about. I am all for a return to the good old days of letter writing. As I sit at my blog, and check my Facebook again...
Sad. I miss mail. Bombs though, not so much.

Charlene said...

I was trying to think of the last real personal letter hand written by a friend was. Now maybe a birthday card or a thank you note but it is unusual to get a hand written address on an envelope now.

Sandy, Sisters of Season said...

Hi Mary, Hope all is well with you and your family. Know that you are missed . . lots of happy, Sandy:O)

Purple Cow said...

Robin - I noticed that! Glad I was one of the recipients! I don't think you can die from a letter bomb...just get a smoking a cigar that blows up in your face cause some smart alec put in gunpowder...They are making too much of a deal...seems fishy to me (then again, everything seems fishy to me...)

Colleen - Remember the days of pen pals? God, I miss those days...Blogging is a little like that, though, isn't it?

Sandy - Hope all is well with you! Something tells me it're a strong woman!

Colleen said...

I do remember. I was actually going to write about pen pals in my comment but have been told that word is "uncool" and I'm all about keeping up my appearance of cool so it was out of the question.:)
No seriously, I had several pen pals as a child and loved it and recently I have started to send an actual letter rather than a greeting on FB.
Blogging does help to fill some of that need that we have to communicate meaningfully with one another, so true.
Hope your weekend is great!:)

Purple Cow said...

Colleen! What a coincidence! While you were responding to this I was responding to your post and am still deeply moved by it. That's enough blog reading for me today!

I used to be a nerd, too, once with penpals and scrabble and reading! Then I figured it was uncool to try being anything beyond what we are...

Julie said...

I have 3 friends that do not use computer so on a monthly basis I write normal letters to them. Except I do use my computer to type the out because my penmenship stinks but I know it would get better if I'd try.
I never heard of the 30 day leter challenge. Missed that one. I think I'll go check out what it was though, just to see.
Hope all is well today with you. Take care and God Bless!!