Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I tend to be a person of ritual. Regardless of belief, I’m not ashamed to admit that I enjoy the whole pomp and ceremony of Greek Orthodox festivities. The oiling of the masses on Holy Wednesday, dying red eggs on Holy Thursday, the candlelit flower Epitaph procession around the streets of Athens on Good Friday, the midnight Saturday mass followed by mageiritsa soup, lamb on a spit on Sunday…many of these Greek Orthodox Easter traditions are steeped in pagan tradition to celebrate the rite of Spring.

Indeed, there was an Epitaph procession for the earth goddess Gaia…and this all just adds to the beauty and mysticism. Knowing that something has been done since antiquity adds to its allure. (Not to mention all the childhood memories that pop to mind).

Anyway, I could write and write and write about how Easter went this year which is almost the same as last year and the year before and all my Easters regardless of whether I've enjoyed them as a Greek in Australia or an Australian in Greece. I’ve already read fellow bloggers’ descriptions of their Easters…So here’s mine in a nutshell…

Good Friday Candlelit Epitaph Procession with Friends at Local Church Packing for Family Long Weekend Escape Walking Barefoot by the Sea at Eretria Small Byzantine Church with Fascinating Frescos in the Middle of Nowhere for Midnight Easter Mass Culminating in Fireworks to Symbolise Greek Freedom from 400 Years of Turkish Ottoman Occupation •  Mageiritsa Soup   Cracking Each Others Eggs According to Greek Orthodox Custom – “Christos Anesti” (Christ Has Risen) and response, “Alithos Anesti” (yes, truly he has risen) – Winner is the One Whose Egg Remains Uncracked Lamb on a Spit (We all take turns Sitting by the Spit) Greek Dancing Sunny Weather Smell of Jasmine Playing with Happy the Golden Retriever Horse Riding and Generally Spending Quality Time with Horses While Contemplating George Says’ Question on Whether Horses are Intelligent (Conclusion: All Animals are More Intelligent than Us Humans)Reading from the Children's Bible I had as a Kid to my Daughters and discussing how they feel about Pontius Pilate, Judas, etc and what they would do in a Similar position Coming home and Finding that I Gained an Extra Follower over Easter and now have 12 (Thanks Lilbuttercup, Could this be Symbolic...?)

How was your Easter?


Sandy, Sisters of Season said...

Hi Mary, Sounds like you had a very nice time . . . I never thought of asking my kids what they thought of Pontius Pilate and Judas, what a good idea, it's makes them think little bit what Easter is all about. We went to Easter service and stayed for the Easter brunch that our church does every year. The service was full, but not very many at the brunch. It also was my Dad's birthday, we celebrated the evening with cake and ice-cream at my place. This was a quiet Easter for us, my middle son wasn't with us this year, he stayed up north at school. I miss that kid. Have a good day!

Purple Cow said...

Yours sounds mighty fine to me too! Hope you see your son soon!

I love listening to my children's explanations of God and the bible (and about life in general). Sometimes kids see things far more clearly than we do! Their lateral thought is amazing.

George said...

I have just noticed the bit at the top of your blog about 'The fictional retelling of facts...'
I like that, and I wonder why.

Purple Cow said...

This post here isn't so fictional, but some of my retelling is surreal...don't you think?