Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Could somebody please explain to me why all US people keeping blogs are not focusing on WikiLeak's release of the classified US military video showing US soldiers indiscrimately firing on Iraqi civilians? The dead included two employees of the Reuters news agency, photographer Namir Noor-Eldeen and driver Saeed Chmagh. All up, 12 people are killed, and two children wounded.

Persons killed were carrying “cameras” that did not at all look like RPGs that are infinitely longer. Or is RPG the new Pentagon name for “camera” just as the new word for "terrorist" is "little girl"?

Where is the social justice? How can US citizens really believe that the US is in Iraq to remove poverty and social inequality in such a manner? Is the removal of Saddam justification for killing one million Iraqis?

The US soldiers in the video have clearly become desensitized to war. Their reaction to the little kids getting injured is an ironic "serves them right for bringing their kids to war". They laugh when the rescue truck runs over a body. When the camera man is clearly injured they say "pick it up! come on pick it up" (in reference to the camera) clearly wanting to finish him off.

It is as though they are playing a video game - as though they don't know that they are cutting short people's lives. I find that the only difference between terrorists and these soldiers is the fact that these soldiers are authorised by the US government to commit futile acts of violence. This is not a one-off incident, but just another day at war or "at work" for these amoral soldiers.

Could somebody please explain to me why the US people do not seem to care and are so accepting of this situation? Why are they not taking to the streets like they did during the futile Vietnam War? Have the US people become desensitized and amoral? When the little Iraqi children in this video grow up how do you think they will feel about your country? (and justifiably so!)

Please explain because the bloggers I read, mainly US citizens, seem so nice and warm, intelligent even, and I cannot understand how they can continue with their comfortable lives and not feel affected by this video and the war in Iraq. Because the only thing special about this classified video is that it actually got out.




Robin said...

I am not sure that I am the best person to comment for you. I didn't know about it. However, I don't watch a lot of national news because I am anti-Obama pretty much and it all just pisses me off. So... since there isn't anything I can do about it until he comes up for re-election I just tune it all out. My step-dad listens to the news constantly so he might have heard about this, BUT it sounds like the US papers were fed a completely different story than what I just looked at.

What was MOST interesting was that it appeared to be soldiers (and I think they were also US) who were trying to rescue the children. The pilots kept them in their sites. The only reason they didn't fire on them was because they would have had to fire on US military to do it. Yet, they kept them in their sites. It was freaking wierd. It reeks of cover-up. Makes me wonder if there were a couple of pilots up in the air who "lost it" ~ and I mean their grip on reality.

You're right. It was disturbing. Taking lives is a necessary part of a war, but a person shouldn't ever sound happy or gleeful about the prospect. I really hope that there's more to this story that we don't know. Like this wasn't authorized and the pilot or pilots (I couldn't tell if it was one guy or two) are even now back in the states under military arrest. Or in a psych ward hooked up to a drip.

Sharon said...

My opinion... because the news is owned by mega-corporations whose bottom lines depend on controlling oil and other world market commodities. Americans are constantly bombarded with "Celebrity Newsertainment" (EVERY news report for 2 days started with extensive coverage of Tiger Woods returning to golf!!!!!). There is LITTLE or NO reporting of what is actually going on in the world. Big Business has hijacked the USA. We are manipulated and controlled by fear, greed and instant gratification. Of course, I'm considered part of the lunatic fringe. I have no answers. I wish there was some way to actually reach the American public.

Purple Cow said...

Sharon, they are doing the same in Greece. Focusing on stupid non-news so that people can get their minds of the economic crisis. But its hard not to notice things here cause we are in the BALKANS...and in the middle of things.

Regarding US news...I like the coverage of Would like to hear your opinion.

Sharon said...

I checked out the website and have bookmarked it. Thank you. What I didn't realize until reading the report on is that the incident occurred in 2007 - three years ago. With the present state of political bickering keeping our government in gridlock, I see why this administration is avoiding dealing with this incident.

Robin's comments about the contents of the video reflect my feelings. Some people snap under combat conditions - too many tours of duty; not being able to know who might blow themselves up just to kill you; never feeling safe - all can cause soldiers to loose touch with reality. But, the Pentagon, and the War Department should take immediate and appropriate action to remove these people from active duty. (The Halliburton-types are another story altogether.)

Then the dilemma: Do you make these incidents public? Do you provide this propaganda to the enemy? Or, do you exercise national decency and honestly and openly acknowledge that these soldiers acted outside the rules? There are easy answers and some not so easy answers. Whatever actions are taken, or not taken, there will be consequences.

Our citizens believe that we have freedom of the press. Unfortunately our "press" is not owned by the citizens.

By blogging about these issues and providing links to the information, PC, you have done a service to all of us. Maybe that's all we can do. Share information and hope that it makes a difference.

Sandy, Sisters of Season said...

I am speechless, I don't know what to say . . this is horrible. Believe me these Iraqi children will grow up hating Americans. God Bless America . . we'll need it.

Purple Cow said...

I'm surprised that this story has received more media coverage in the Greek media than it has in the US. What about the pictures a few years back featuring US military officials humilating Iraqi POWs or the CIA rendition flights? Did you hear any of this?

What about Serbia in 1999? I was watching CNN at the time and while NATO was bombing Serbia with dangerous chemicals that lead to bloodshed and environmental disaster, there was more US coverage of Lewinsky's blue dress and Clinton's apology for the blow job.

Here there is so much coverage of US foreign policy. You clearly live in a country that is powerful and rules the roost and I think it is your responsibility as not just US citizens but citizens of the world to be aware of where your taxes are going and what your government is doing.

Now, what is the TRUTH? I don't know - perhaps we need to concern ourselves with the mainstream media as well as other very worthwhile sites such as ( and, wikileaks). As for blogging, I don't think its enough to blog about these things.

Blogging and FB statuses tend to ease our consciences so that we feel we are doing SOMETHING for our fellow man when in actual fact we are doing very little...just thinking. What is needed is action. Petitions, protests, pressure...Remember Vietnam? Remember people taking to the streets? Remember Woodstock? Why don't people 'roar' anymore?

Robin said...

I've read all of this and I think the reason that people don't roar is because they feel like they don't have any power.

The media is forcefeeding a line of news that isn't true. That is coming from high places. I am not sure you can imagine how powerful this "machine" is or how easily they would squash anyone who made the government look bad. I don't think even FoxNews and Rush and friends is running this stuff and they are anti-Obama. Of course, you are saying this happened during the Bush administration. It doesn't much matter... it is probably an ongoing problem. My point is that if FoxNews is too scared to speak out and Rush is too scared to speak out then there is a *problem* because these are only news sources that fly in the face of traditional news. Rush has nothing good to say about Obama anytime. If they have him gagged on this (and he surely knows about these sites) then it is BAD.