Thursday, April 22, 2010


After the failure of the Copenhagen Conference on Climate Change I've been thinking of global change to combat global warming as a bit of a lost cause...Things aren't really getting any better, are they? Well at least not in my neck of the woods where newspapers had only fleeting references to Earth Day thanks to Greek MEP Kriton Arsenis' focus on forests the size of Greece destroyed in the Amazon in just one year alone...Not a positive Earth Day message, is it?

Thankfully there are posts like the one I just read on one of my favourite blogs - Archive Fire - that I just had to share. I couldn't have said it any better myself...

CLICK HERE TO READ! And maybe you can even become a follower...just a suggestion.

Oh, and here are some ideas of things to do...

* Watch BBC series "Planet Earth" to help you rethink some aspects of waste and pollution you produce in the world. (Hint: Turn off the lights!)

* Calculate your ecological footprint and learn how to reduce your impact on the world. Calculate your Ecological Footprint BY CLICKING HERE!

* Adopt an acre, rescue a reef, donate money to a green cause.

* Change your appliances to more ecologically friendly ones.

* I'm going to definitely attend French MEP Daniel Cohn-Bendit's lecture on green strategies at the Athens Concert Hall on Wednesday. Maybe you can buy one of his books.

Any other ideas? What will you be doing?
Come on, inspire me! 


Schafner said...

At first read, I thought your third bullet point read "Rescue a leaf."

What a novel idea.

Nontheless, an undoubtedly great message for all to read.

(Too bad I live in the rural south of America where creating a greater living environment involves killing off a mess of possums.)

Purple Cow said...

Don't go killing possums as an ecological contribution...

Remember balances are fragile.

Rescueing a leaf is a nice first step towards planting more trees. Good luck with it!

Sharon said...

Thank you for this post. On your recommendation, I have become a follower of Archive Fire. I spent the very first Earth Day in downtown Philadelphia, PA with a large gathering of like minded people. Then life shifted our focus.

The above link provides recipes for making your own cleaning products. Many are far better than the chemical soups so ferociously marketed to us. This is a small way to make a difference. It also is something you can do on any budget in any type of home.

Purple Cow said...

Cool link! Thanks for sharing!