Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I love reading blogs just as much as I enjoy expressing myself in this way. It's an interesting interaction between people who reveal so much about themselves and yet, chances are, will probably never meet. That in itself is charming, especially when taking into account the fact that we live in a world fraught with PURPOSE and GOALS. Here, there is no reason...just writing for the sake of it while getting to know people without needing to meet them.

This story is for all bloggers who expose themselves. But it is especially for Robin who is never afraid to be herself and to show her vulnerabilities whether these are her migraine headaches or character flaws. It is refreshing to see such truth and humility when most of us - self included - are so wrapped up in trying to give the impression that we are in control. But here we have a woman with dreams others don't dare make for fear that they'll fail. Robin as I said is fearless. She reminds me of the moth in this story...

There once was a Moth that fell in love with a Star.
All his friends and relatives mocked him, told him he was being unrealistic and urged him to focus his efforts on some local goal: a streetlamp, a porchlight, a candle or a lantern. Even a chandelier, if he must.
But our Moth remaned true to his Star and would not give up.
So while all his pals, parents, sisters, brothers, cousins and aunts soon burned themselves around the local, ready-made luminaries and wound up as charred bits of ash on sidewalks and porches around town our Moth enjoyed a long and healthy life in endless pursuit of his unbounded Star.


Robin said...

Now, you've made me cry twice! You keep at this and your blog is going to become my regular cryfest.

As for your questions, I am a huge believer in holistic medicine. My doctor is, too, and she is great. We do a mix of everything. She does acupuncture, among other things, though we don't do so much of that, because it all costs money and I don't got it. However, I am on this extensive vitamin protocol. Back before I got soooo sick, I took yoga. The really rotten thing is that the worse you get, the less you can do. I'd love to do yoga again, and I would drag my sorry ass out of this house to do it, but we're back to the money thing and the no job thing, and my dad paying for everything. I am selling my car to cut back my bills. It's this crazy circle. I think about it too long and it makes ME crazy.

So, I do the things I can. I do my guided meditation. I take my vitamins. I write my blogs. Now, I am writing my book. I really try to go to bed early and eat consistently. And I avoid people that stress me out as much as I can!

But what you said about being honest...that comes from having kept my mouth shut for way too long and letting someone else run my life for me. That was the worst way to live ever. Being brutally honest gets me into trouble sometimes. However, it's still better than swallowing it all down.

Love you girl! Thanks for my poem!
Mom and I are off to Florida to get my title to sell my car. I may be in an out of the blogosphere.

Purple Cow said...

You'll be missed. Good luck with your car.

Sandy, Sisters of Season said...

I think this moth was the smarter one . . cute.