Thursday, August 26, 2010


I really shouldn't be doing this, you know! Just because I blog-hopped for the first time last week with some success does not mean that I am ready for a second round so soon. After all, I still haven't got to know my followers from the first hop all that well yet.

But this blog hopping is renewing my enthusiasm for blogging, you see... Of course, this may not be such a good thing, considering how I blog at work. Anonymously.

Blogging is addictive enough on its own...but mix in some hopping and working and that's just begging for trouble! It could prompt quite a scandal.

Like when my husband found out I was playing that shameful Facebook lollipop game... "Not only do you suck lollipops on Facebook but you have gathered thousands of points doing this! Who has been sucking you?" he accused, pointing the finger at me as though I was cheating with some FB lover and not just fooling around with old schoolfriends and a stupid application (so who says women over 40 are mature?) Now that I've lost interest in the lollipops, he's the one fiddling, finally realising for himself that its really no big deal. (Or is it?) But if he were blogging. That would be quite another matter. I would not like that one bit as this is my territory! (This and Scrabble)

Anyway, all I wanted to say really is "HI!" Welcome to my world... It's really nice to meet you.
PS. And, while I'm at it, why not try double blog hopping where I get to do Design it Chic's Boost My Blog as well as Java's Follow Friday? How's that for a dangerous double whammy? (Let's see what happens)


Veronica Lee said...

Hmm! Your blog does look familiar. Have we met?

LOL!! Have a wonderful weekend, purple Cow!

Tye said...

I'm now following you back..thanks for the follow and I hope you enjoy your weekend!!!

Valery said...

HI there just stopping by from the Boost my blog Friday stop by and say Hi and tell me why your smiling this Friday.

BLOGitse said...

You're a naughty girl! blogging at work... :)
Follow Friday 40 and over greetings from Casablanca, Morocco...

Purple Cow said...

Hi Veronica...I feel a sense of deja vu, too ;-)

Tye - I don't know how to follow you as you have removed the Follow gadget from your post. And I really want to!

Blogitse - I visited you before but did not dare even leave a comment, let alone follow. Your blog scares me. It is too high tech.

Valery, I wasn't aware I was smiling. But I will pop by your blog. Maybe it will make me smile.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh...blogging from work. Shame...Shame...Shame What can we do to create more productivity? My suggestion would be to give you 2 for work and one for play ;-)

PS: I can only do 1 blog hop at a time. So many women and so little time to enjoy their company !

Linda... said...

Thanks for following me. You passed the test! ha ha. I am following you back. Enjoyed your blog. Have a nice day.

Purple Cow said...

Jeff...Would you believe my desk does have 2 computers! As for blogging from work I'm surprised you all focused on that...I'd say it is worse to double blog hop or to do one blog hop so soon after another - kind of like changing blogs like shirts and not giving enough dedication to it. Isn't it? (Don't worry about productivity Jeff, us women are good at multi-tasking...And now that you mention it, where ARE all the male bloggers?)

Linda. Didn't realise I was being put through a test...I didn't even prepare for it. glad I past!...I will now hop back to your blog...(That's how it's supposed to work, right?)

Beth said...

Following you from Boost My Blog Friday! Love your post - too funny! Hope you'll stop by to say hi too!

Beth @ Two Monkeys & a Washtub

Deb said...

Thanks for stopping by Jeremiah 29:11 and leaving me such a funny comment...and making me SMILE...;)

LuLu said...

Hello! I'm Friday Following and I love your's a fun read!

Beth said...

When I swtiched templates the top header disappeared...and I don't know html well enough to retrieve that piece...hope you'll stop back by and try clicking follow again to see if it works! Thanks agin!

Kathy said...

Thanks for hopping by my blog "Reflections by Kathy". I hopped over to return the visit. I love your blog, it's different--and in a good way! Count me in as your newest follower! I'm following through my second (blogspot) blog "MiMi's Mini Tales" so I can follow through google reader. I'm know over there as Maddi/CadesMiMi. However, I usually comment under my first blog where I'm known as edshunnybunny. I's confusing, but it works for me!

Tina Peterson said...

Hi Purple! Thanks for visiting my blog today and leaving a note. I'm following you back and look forward to reading your blog more. =D Tina "The Book Lady"

Weezer said...

Count me in, sweetie. I'm #57. Love what you do here. Following from the Boost my Blog site.
i'll be back. Oh. The purple cow thing. My girls loved that when they were little. Now we're teaching it to the grandbabies.

Blog addiction? Oh yeah. I've been sitting here for over 3 hours.

Trudy Callan said...

Oops. So sorry I made you cry at the office.


Aging Mommy said...

What a fun and interesting blog - thanks for stopping by my blog today and happy FF! Off now to read more.

PatriciaRaeDesigns said...

hey thank you so much for commenting on my blog how you stay around for awhile i'll be following you


Amy said...

haha Too funny about the FB game! I finally quit all of them when I realized I was scheduling my REAL life around my Farm Town crops.

I'm fairly new to this blog-hopping thing. What's the deal w/it? Any advice?


Keya said...

How funny you are! Thanks for visiting me and for the well-wishing. I'm not feeling much better, but a little ibuprofen and a whole lot of gin & tonic this evening and I expect awareness of this miserable cold to totally disappear! Have a great weekend! Following you now (so blog more often!).

thriftymomma said...

Hi. I am following you back now purple cow. Cheers from London, Ontario. thriftymommastips
thriftymommasbrainfood and thriftymomagogo

Danielle @ "We Don't Have It All Together" said...

Hi, I am your newest follower! Your title totally caught my eye, lol. I love your blog, it'a cute. I hope you have a great weekend!

Java said...

I'm jealous cause I can't blog at work! I do get on Facebook on my phone but its too hard to blog on a blackberry!!

You cracked me up with this post! I'm so glad you are enjoying the hop because I don't think it was complete till you joined!!!

Happy weekend!

Truthful Mommy said...

I'm your newest follower! Hope you can return the favor.

Brenda said...

Your blog post is so funny, thanks so much for dropping by my blog, alas I am guilty I often participate in more than one blog hop at a time but hey I consider it multi tasking :). I am now following cause I really expect to get a more than a few laughs here Nice meeting you!

Tammy said...

You are living on the edge now aren't! Enjoyed your post. New follower from Java's 40 and over girls. Have a great weekend!

Purple Cow said...

Aging Mommy - Happy Hopping

Trudy - Would making me cry at home have made you feel better?

Weezer - the poem has a lot of debt if you really think about it...perhaps that's why it's caught on so much...maybe, like McDonald's old "Where's the beef?" slogan...

Tina - now that you are following me, I will follow you also, unless I'm following you already.

Kathy - whatever works for you is fine by me.

Beth, I'm just lost without the top template!

LuLu - Don't judge a blog by just one post...usually I'm a really frustrating read.

Deb - I was trying to shock you. Glad you found it funny!

Purple Cow said...

Oooops there's more!

Tammy, you have a great weekend, too!

Brenda - always nice to meet another swinging hopper. Fun to burn the candle at both ends, isn't it? (And what a cute doggy!)

Truthful Mommy - To be truthful, I will try!

Java - Yes, but do they have cameras spying on you at your work?

Danielle - Your cute little profile pic has caught my eye. Enjoy your beautiful family!

Thrifty Momma - Cheers back to ya from Athens, Greece.

Keya - Ibufren with gin and tonic? Are you sure you are supposed to be doing that? It's a bit like double blogging - dangerous. Try some camomile tea.

Amy - I haven't even dared switch on farmville!

Patricia - Nice to meet you, too. I'm going to try to follow back everyone who has followed me. I really hope I don't miss out anyone. This could take a while!