Thursday, May 27, 2010


I've not been feeling very blog-orientated lately. It's not really bloggers' block, but a case of being caught up in a mad frantic rush and not finding time. Or maybe its just the hot, humid weather that's making me lazy. Iced tea by the sea these days seems more tempting than a hot cup of coffee with chocolate to blog by. (So I guess you could say that this is not exactly a blog break, but a tea break).

Or maybe the cameras they've installed in the office and the thought of big brother (or ex-whatever) watching me has subconsciously affected my blogging. But nah, I've always been one to speak my mind regardless of the consequences. Infact, the feeling of being suppressed usually prompts a roar rather than silence in my case.

But figures show a slump.

Maybe there's a global epidemic out there because many blogs seem to have lost speed (or maybe it just seems that way to me). Even zealous bloggers are threatening to tone it down.

As for me?

I intend to soldier on.

By the way, this is not really a blog post. The point of it is just to say:
"Hey, I'm still here. Hello! I love you guys!"


The Novelist said...

It must be contagious and I passed it on to you. My record this last month has been very poor to say the least. I think I am finally moving towards unslumping myself. We shall see. The call of summer is sometimes so strong that the salmon swimming upstream have nothing on me.

ecelliam said...

Good Morning From Tularosa, the recipe on the Ice tea is so good, that I know I would not be able to blog, and perhaps that would be a good thing too.
Thank you, I admire your humor.

Sandy, Sisters of Season said...

Hi Mary, I can so relate . . lately, I can't even come up with anything interesting except what's going on in my personal life with my family. Time for me to get a life . . oh well! Better days ahead, Sandy:O)

p.s Don't forget to smile for camera . . lol!

lilbuttercup said...

And we love you too Purple Cow! I get those slumps too, be it with blog, poetry or books, but it makes the moment where you write something extra potent! Writer's recharge. :)

Ro Magnolia said...

Ah ... we all have those weeks of "slump" where things just don't seem to be popping! Ice tea by the sea sounds absolutely wonderful. I'd be right over to join you if I could! :)

Purple Cow said...

Novelist - any slump you may be going through NOW you made up for in advance with your kidnapping story parts 1, 2 and 3...

Ecelliam - I like your blog too though I can't always understand it.

Sandy - You are lucky to have personal stuff to talk about. Means you are not a robot. PS I smile, wave and perform for the camera on a daily basis. I even write little notes to it. Once I covered it with my scarf.

Lilbuttercup - Oh, the pressure to write something potent!

Ro - Wish I could go with you to the donkey's retreat!

Thanks for the pep me up everyone! Your comments may be just what I needed to kick me out of the writer's slump.

Robin said...

I am just glad you're okay. I was beginning to worry about you.